Personal Training

One on one training geared towards individualized goals. Samantha or Guy will sit with you and help you set goals. Your personal training program will be designed specifically to your needs and goals. It will also be based on your fitness level. Book your free consultation and fitness assessment today. To enhance your progress, use Sauve Athletics’ online training tutorial videos as a supplement to your personal training sessions.


Speed, Agility, and Quickness

The most important component to any athletes game is their speed, agility and quickness (SAQ). SAQ programs will vary based on level and age. Programs will be designed in stages and can be quite detailed. Homework will be assigned as well to ensure quick progression. Book your free consultation and fitness assessment! Check out online training as well to get started today!


Individual Soccer Development

Samantha will work one on one with you on dribbling technique, kicking technique, passing , receiving, one vs ones, jockeying, slide tackling etc. Programs will be suited to you and your goals. Goals will be set with Samantha to ensure results. One on one soccer development is a great way to improve confidence as well as all aspects of your game. Learn cool techniques and moves that will help bring you to the next level of your game. Book a free consultation and evaluation today! Also check out online training for at home training!


Team Training

Samantha and Guy work with sports teams to ensure the athletes are in peak condition for the start of the season as well as maintaining the conditioning during the season. They will design programs in specific phases to ensure proper progression, injury prevention and maximize strength, speed, agility, quickness and explosive power. These programs are quite detailed and must be executed accordingly.


Group Training

Bootcamps – Spring, Summer and Fall: Ususally held at Moonies Bay at 9:30am. Contact Sauve Athletics to join us. Activities will vary from obstacle courses to team relays. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, a fun group environment and get your sweat on!

TRX Training –
At sauve athletics we offer seasonal trx classes suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. The best thing about trx training is anyone can do it! As long as you can walk in the building we will find a modification just for you! It works the entire body from the inside out!



We answer all your questions!

Do you train all ages and all fitness levels??

Yes we do. Our programs are designed specifically for each individual and their abilities.

Do classes accommodate all fitness levels? ?

Yes. Each exercise can be tailored to your level of fitness wether beginner or advanced.

Can I train with a friend at a reduced price?

Yes contact us for details. 

Do I have to commit to buying a large package?

We will consult with you, we will determine your goals and we will prescribe your training regimen based on your current fitness level and where you want to be. What you are committing to is yourself and your results. 

Am I guaranteed the results I want??

If you follow the exercise and nutrition plan prescribed for you, you will get your results.  The more effort you put into it the better your results will be. 

Can I use only the cardio equipment ?

Yes. If you are only looking to burn calories the cardio room is available for you. Contact us for specifics. 

Do you still offer mobile service ?

We have very limited spots available. Contact us for details. 

What is TRX training and can anyone do it?

Yes everyone can do it. TRX is a form of suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. 

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